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Windows Azure for Research gets sociable

November 13, 2013 | By Microsoft blog editor

I would like to invite you to participate in the new Windows Azure for Research social media sites on LinkedIn and Twitter. These are where you’ll find information on Microsoft Research Connections’ initiative for helping the worldwide research community take advantage of cloud computing’s computational power, scalability, and cost-savings.

Connect with others who use Windows Azure for data-intensive research

At the Windows Azure for Research LinkedIn group page, you can connect with researchers and domain experts who are exploring the myriad possibilities for using Windows Azure for data-intensive research. This group intends to foster conversations on getting started in the cloud and to provide a venue for discussing potential uses, for networking with other researchers, and for staying informed on the Windows Azure resources—such as training, technical curriculum, research grants, and community engagement—that Microsoft Research offers. It’s an excellent forum to connect with researchers and cloud-computing industry leaders to help build awareness of the benefits of using Windows Azure in scientific investigations. In addition, you can easily share the LinkedIn page with your peers by copying the group page URL and pasting it into your status update box on LinkedIn or Facebook.

You can also to follow us on Twitter at @Azure4Research, using the hashtag #azureresearch. Here you’ll find useful information about upcoming training events and webinars, as well as links to Windows Azure tips and tricks for researchers.

Dan Fay, Director for Earth, Energy, and Environment, Microsoft Research Connections

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