Data management, analysis and visualization

Data management, analysis and visualization

Helping people and organizations unlock the power of data

Researchers, scientists and engineers in the data management, analysis and visualization area at Microsoft take a comprehensive approach to the world of data and the human side of data work. Teams collaborate with academic partners and groups within Microsoft to advance the state of the art, extract business value from Microsoft data, and build data products that empower users to discover and share the insights that matter


Focus areas


Data platforms and architectures

Building infrastructure for next-generation cloud systems, from innovations in hardware, databases and distributed data management to the scalable data architectures they enable. Techniques such as optimized and approximate query processing over data that may be streaming, unstructured or encrypted ensure that data and insights are always available securely and on demand.

Data wrangling and enrichment

Infusing data platforms with state-of-the-art machine learning capabilities, including program synthesis for extracting, cleaning, and transforming data, automatic mining of data insights such as correlations, trends, and anomalies and the ability to train and deploy advanced machine learning models and neural network architectures at scale.

Visual analytics, storytelling and sense making

Building tools to help users turn data into interactive stories told through text, images and audio that help people make informed decisions, plan and act. Democratizing data analytics by combining cloud AI pipelines that make data meaningful. Building applications to help people make sense of entities and events hidden in unstructured text, media, and metadata and to communicate their discoveries.

Social data and impact

Harnessing data from the social web to make a positive impact on people and society. Includes developing urban computing systems for monitoring air pollution and traffic congestion, healthcare systems for maintaining population health and wellness and forensic investigation tools for detecting and disrupting cybercrime.