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Science at Microsoft: The Fourth Paradigm in Practice

Inventing the Future

In the 20 years since it was founded, Microsoft Research has grown from a small group of researchers to approximately 1,000 computer scientists at research labs on four continents. During this growth, the mission of Microsoft Research has remained persistent: to advance the state of the art of computer science and transfer key new technologies into Microsoft products.

In addition to making advances in technologies that can contribute to better products, research at Microsoft also affords an opportunity to use our computer science technologies to help scientists make progress on some of the great problems facing our society. This was the vision for the technical computing initiative we began in 2005, and now we have Microsoft researchers working in collaboration with leading academic researchers throughout the world on a wide range of problems related to health and the environment.

This collection of Science@Microsoft vignettes illustrates some of the progress that has been made in a number of disciplines and describes the technologies that have been deployed to gain these new insights. As can be seen, researchers are effectively applying computer science and technical computing research to fields far removed from computing. With such multidisciplinary research collaborations, Microsoft Research is reducing the time to insight for researchers and accelerating the pace of scientific discovery.

Senior editors: Tony Hey, David Heckerman, Stephen Emmott
Editors: Yan Xu, Kenji Takeda