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    Describes the release of HealthVault 1.0 and the changes made to defend against malicious software.
    Describes HealthVault Connection Center 2.3 release notes.
    Describes a software update that was made available to HealthVault Connection Center Beta on or after October 6, 2008.
    Describes an issue that occurs if you do not sign in to a new Hotmail account before you sign up a HealthVault Account.
    Describes the keyboard shortcuts that are available to users in HealthVault Connection Center. These keyboard shortcuts provide easy access to HealthVault Connection Center for people who have disabilities.
    Describes a problem in which newly imported data in HealthVault Connection Center is not sorted correctly.
    Describes steps that you can take to troubleshoot connectivity problems that you may experience with a health device.
    Describes how to remove a device that is enabled in HealthVault Connection Center.
    Describes a problem that occurs after you upload your device data in HealthVault Connection Center and then click the "View items online in HealthVault account" link. In this situation, you receive an "Error code 80004005" error message.
    Describes how to upload medical images to your Microsoft HealthVault account.

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