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    Microsoft today introduced, a new personal email service that reimagines the way that people use email – from a cleaner look, to fewer and less obtrusive ads, to new connections to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
    Hydra-Power Systems, a distributor and manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic systems, has used Microsoft Dynamics AX for years. Presented with the oppor...
    It's been about 8 years since "The 10 Immutable Laws of Security" were first published, and a lot has changed since then. In this installment, Jesper Johansson continues his analysis of the the immutable laws to see if they still hold true after 8 years.
    Built for today and the future, Xbox One brings together the best games, the best multiplayer experiences and the hottest entertainment offerings.
    Freight railroad uses Microsoft Office 365 to improve communications and provide access to business-critical data for thousands of deskless workers nationwide.
    Stay up to date with healthcare IT, software and solutions from the Microsoft in Health Blog.
    Learn how Sugata Mitra is realizing the dream of a school without classrooms or teachers, powered by technology.
    Microsoft Research develops biometric monitoring system to help patients complete tuberculosis treatment programs.
    Microsoft Safer Online Facebook poll reveals both genders see eye to eye on mobile phone pet peeves but differ when protecting their personal information on the go.
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