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    View various human resources statistics with this dashboard template that automatically graphs your headcount, payroll, salary distribution and employee numbers.
    Human Resources can use this plan to guide the hiring process. The template includes milestones for pre-interview, candidate interview, candidate selection, and hiring phases.
    Depending on the configuration of your computer, some or all of the following special shared resources are created for administrative and system use.
    The Hardware Resources category in System Information displays information about resource assignments and possible sharing conflicts among DMA, Forced Hardware, I/O, IRQs, and Memory resources.
    You can use Offline Files to work with shared resources even when you are not connected to the network.
    To view information about shared resources Using Shared Folders Open Computer Management (Local) In the console tree, click one of the following folders: To view information about the shared resources on the selected computer, click Shares.
    Because processor and memory resources have such a significant influence on the operation of your computer, it is important to understand how programs use these resources.
    Look here for links to Forefront Security for SharePoint technical resources for learning and support.
    Gathering and reporting data is often an important function within organizations, particularly Human Resources. Microsoft PivotTable® reports provide an easy way to sort and view this data in a variet...

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