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    Microsoft supports the proper recycling, recovery, and handling of waste associated with electronics. At a minimum, we implement strict policies to ensure that our products and packaging fully comply with the requirements of each government’s jurisdiction in which we do business. This includes compliance with the WEEE and RoHS Directives issued by the European Union (EU).
    Contact the Microsoft Office of Legal Compliance for guidance regarding compliance issues and possible violations of the law, Microsoft Standards of Business Conduct, or Microsoft policies. This page also provides alternate Microsoft resources and contact information.
    …of Legal Compliance Compliance with EU WEEE and RoHS…Corporate Compliance Microsoft…Office of Legal Compliance…Essentials About Microsoft… Contact Us Terms…
    This page contains the most current information on Microsoft trademarks. For guidance on how to refer properly to Microsoft product names and trademarks, review the General Trademark Guidelines.
    Microsoft's Standards of Business Conduct summarize the regulatory requirements and business practices that guide our decision-making and business activities.
    …Microsoft Office of Legal Compliance Compliance with EU WEEE and RoHS Directives…Xbox LIVE Legal Information…information about your license… Contact Us Terms of…
    …Compliance Compliance Compliance Home …Office of Legal Compliance Compliance with EU WEEE and RoHS…a dispute about Microsoft…either of us may…

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