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    Describes a problem in which you receive an error message in PerformancePoint Business Modeler when you validate a cross model allocation rule. Includes two methods to work around this problem.
    Show All Hide All You can use the Create a KPI wizard in PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer to create a key performance indicator (KPI). A KPI is a business metric that represents
    Describes an issue that occurs when you try to export a PerformancePoint Planning application and receive an "Error in command" error message. This issue occurs if a form template is missing on the server but is still listed in the Business Modeler.
    PerformancePoint Server, Monitoring, Analytics, Planning, SQL Server, business intelligence, and Data Warehouses
    Describes a problem in which the PerformancePoint tab does not appear on the Ribbon in Excel 2007, or the PerformancePoint menu does not appear in Excel 2003 after you install the PerformancePoint Add-in for Excel.
    Describes an issue that occurs after you click the Refresh button to update the worksheet that contains the cell in PerformancePoint Add-in for Excel. Provides a resolution.
    Describes how to remove all components of Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Planning Server 2007.
    Describes how to uninstall all components of Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Monitoring Server 2007
    Read this article to get an overview of PerformancePoint scorecards, including high-level information and links to more detailed information.

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