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    Describes how to use the Backup tool in Windows XP to help protect your data. Describes how to create a copy of data for archive, and how to use the Restore Wizard or the Automated System Recovery Wizard to restore files and folders.
    Power BI for Office 365: Self-service analytics for all your data, big or small
    Find white papers, videos, and other resources focusing on Microsoft Trustworthy Computing efforts to improve online security and ensure a safer, more trusted Internet.
    This article describes how to copy user data from your Windows XP profile to a new profile. When you copy user data into a new profile, the new profile becomes a near duplicate of the old profile, and contains the same preferences, appearance, and...
    Describes how to configure Groove Data Bridge in Groove Server 2007 to automatically delete a workspace when the Groove Data Bridge identity becomes the last member of the workspace.
    This article provides information about different types of data gathering that may help you to diagnose virtual memory issues on Microsoft Exchange Server. To determine the root cause of the behavior described later in this section, you must gather...
    Explains that burning data to DVD-RAM discs is not supported in Windows Media Center in Windows Vista or in Windows Media Player 11. You can still burn data to a DVD-RAM disc by using Windows Explorer.
    Explains that you cannot import data into Access 2007 by using a query that contains an Access 2007-defined function. Provides a method to work around this problem.
    This article describes the default location for user data that you create by using Entourage. Note The location of your user data may be different from the default location, depending on the version of the Apple Macintosh operating system (Mac OS) that...

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