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    Describes how to change the name of a company that was created by using Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities or Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains Utilities.
    The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 for Microsoft Office Outlook client will crash when using a proxy PAC file within the Internet Options of user workstations
    Describes how to upload a file that is larger than 4 MB to the Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 AOS server by using the document handle function when the destination storage is in a database.
    Explains why you receive an "Account Number contains undefined segment information" or a "This record has been created since you attempted to create it" error message when integrate accounts by using Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Manager.
    Describes that Microsoft Dynamics AX stops responding when you scroll grids on forms by using more than 20 linked data sources. A hotfix is provided.
    Fixes an issue in which emails cannot be reassigned if they have been promoted by using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data Migration Manager.
    Describes that you receive an error message when you create a company by using Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities. Provides a resolution.
    This article describes how to start using Bank Reconciliation with an existing checkbook in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
    Describes how to set up a test company that has live company data by using Microsoft Dynamics GP running on MSDE 2000, on SQL Server 2005 Express, or on SQL Server 2008 Express.
    When you are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and attempt to configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Office Outlook by using App Passwords for authentication, you receive the following error message:

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