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    CompassLearning, a provider of curriculum software, had just three months to move to a financial management solution after the owners sold the company. The...
    Microsoft education solutions will improve and safeguard your school management software. See how our IT for education products can help you streamline.
    Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education (Executive Education) is a commercial spin-off of one of the UK’s best-known universities. It uses the ...
    Create compelling and effective program interfaces that best suit your users’ needs—and make your products more competitive and useful—by customizing the intrinsic controls in the Microsoft .NET Framework and building your own controls from scratch.
    This comprehensive guide combines conceptual and architectural details with practical, how-to information and real-world code samples to show how to create custom, reusable, professional-quality server controls with rich design-time functionality.
    Learn how Microsoft Dynamics can be a powerful enterprise solution to modernize Higher Education and K-12 information systems.
    Through a shared commitment to STEM education, Microsoft and LEGO Education team up to create hands-on opportunities for the next generation to be inspired by and engage with technology in new ways.
    Learn how cost effective and predictable a subscription-based Office service can be. Find a plan that fits your size and needs.
    Learn about how the web filter uses content levels and content categories to limit what children can view on the web.
    Leading manufacturing dairy and dairy products, Dodla Dairy, managed its business with the help of in-house developed ERP solution. However, with time, the...

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