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    Fixes a Unidrv.dll issue that occurs when you use a booklet layout setting to print a multiple-page document in Windows 7 or in Windows Server 2008 R2.
    Describes an issue in which you receive a "You may have already signed in to Outlook Web App" error message when you try to open Outlook Web App in Office 365. Provides a workaround.
    Provides a workaround for the situation in which no results are returned when you search for certain keywords in a URL in Microsoft SharePoint Online.
    Describes a scenario in which you're repeatedly prompted to enter your credentials and can't access the item when you try to access a OneNote document or an Access database file from SharePoint Online.
    Provides a workaround when a SharePoint Online document library displays another user's credentials after you modify a file.
    …settings available in Outlook Web App…user's Options page, see Access Another User's Options Page. Cmdlet …notification rules in a user's mailbox…configure all the resource settings for a…
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