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    From supply chain to business intelligence and from retail to financial services, Microsoft Business Solutions transform your business.
    Transform your business with Microsoft Dynamics AX, the flexible enterprise resource planning solution (ERP) for midsize or larger global enterprises.
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps your financial services teams develop client loyalty, whether you are in banking, wealth management, or insurance.
    Improve your bottom line with data-driven insights from Microsoft Dynamics ERP, the enterprise resource planning solution. Call 1-888-477-7989.
    As one of the leading brokerage firms in Russia, BKS Financial Group wanted to provide a better level of service to its customers. Unfortunately, the compa...
    For Graphical Production Facilities to manage the hardware and software of an industry-specific business solution for the graphics industry, it knew it wo...
    Encouraging a high degree of personal ownership among its staff, Computer Aid Inc. has fostered a culture that has helped it grow to 3,000 employees and mo...
    ValMark Securities' insurance business was handicapped by an inflexible third-party Agency Management System (AMS). Managers were forced to use a report da...
    Microsoft Dynamics for Service Industries help you capitalize on talent and catalyze innovation.
    The law firm Effekt eliminated nonessential administrative processes. Now they are ready to take advantage of the time and cost savings they’ve gained and...

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