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    Describes a problem that may occur when you try to visit an ASP site and an ASP.NET site that are on the same server.
    Discusses why and how session IDs are reused in ASP.NET.
    Describes an issue that triggers duplicate ASP.NET events. Occurs because of URL child requests in IIS 7.0 or a later version of IIS.
    Session Summary In this presentation, you will hear about the development practice of accessing Component Object Model (COM) objects from ASP.NET. Because of the investment many developers have placed in COM, using it with newly created .NET...
    This article demonstrates how to dynamically include HTML and client-side scripts in .aspx pages. Because ASP.NET applications are compiled and run before they are sent to the client, you cannot use a variable in place of a file name in a server-side...
    You may receive the following error message in ASP.NET: You may receive this error message under the following circumstances: Scenario 1: Your ASP.NET application is hosted on a Web farm. A user receives a page that is served by one server but is...
    This step-by-step article describes how to implement Windows authentication and authorization in an ASP.NET application. To use the built in security of Windows and ASP.NET, implement Windows authentication and authorization on groups and users. To use...
    Discusses globalization issues in ASP, ASP.NET 1.x, and ASP.NET 2.0.
    This article outlines the access rights that are granted to the default process account and describes some situations in which these rights may be too restrictive for certain tasks. In the default installation of ASP.NET on Microsoft Windows 2000 and...
    This article discusses the complete know-how of SMS services and the tools used for developing web based mobile applications in ASP.NET. It also deals with the components required for SMS services available in .NET compact framework.

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