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    Discusses that an update is available that disables Enhanced Protected Mode by default in Internet Explorer 11.
    This article discusses how you can use the Forms Administrator utility to set registry keys so that Microsoft Outlook uses a custom form instead of the default form. You can change the form for e-mail message forms, for contacts forms, and for tasks...
    Microsoft Help and Support provides support for Microsoft products. Find solutions for top issues, common problems or get support from a professional.
    Describes an issue in which you cannot add a URL for a home page to a folder in the Outlook 2007 SharePoint Lists mailbox.
    When managing Internet Explorer clients using the Group Policy Object ' Disable changing home page settings ', the designated Home Page URL may not be read by Internet Explorer 6 and earlier clients. Internet Explorer 7 and later clients function as...
    Provides an automatic fix for home page problems in Internet Explorer 8 and in Internet Explorer 7.
    The Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) feature in Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 was not designed as a full-featured host-based firewall. It was designed to provide basic permit and block filtering by using address, protocol and port...
    Describes that you can't migrate some mailboxes from your on-premises Exchange Online organization by using a cutover migration. Provides a resolution.
    Graphics that are rendered by GDI+ cannot be magnified by screen magnifiers. This issue affects any program that uses GDI+, including Microsoft Office XP, Microsoft Visio 2002, Microsoft .NET Framework, and the Windows shell.
    When you connect to Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 by using Microsoft Office Project Web Access 2003, you may receive the following error message: Additionally, when you add a new Project Server account in Microsoft Office Project Professional...

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