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    When a user submits a budget within Workflow, the input set, HR input, capital input and revenue input screens should all display a status of 'Submitted' when another user goes into input for that center. Instead, the HR input screen shows a status =...
    How to set up FRx Forecaster to budget HR Benefits on a Calendar Year when budgets are set up on a Fiscal Year.
    Is there a difference in the Employee windows found under HR, Basic, and Shop Floor | Parameters?
    HR-related accounts may display different (and incorrect) account balances after an employee record has been manually updated or an employee has been distributed to a new department.
    The Copy Plan wizard will copy HR by period data into historically locked periods and because it shifts the data, the months are not calculated correctly. To reproduce the defect, perform the following: Create a source budget input set that uses hourly...

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