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    Outlines the steps to create the 12 different HR Detail Views and describes what information each View will display.
    After you import employees to an Input Set in FRx Forecaster, the HR Details has blank lines for each employee when you access that Input Set.
    Explains the issue where making changes to an HR attribute in a column set causes issues in Microsoft Forecaster. This issue has been resolved in a service pack for Microsoft Forecaster version 6.7.
    "Please setup HR Input Period first" occurs when clicking on the HR Detail Input icon in FRx Forecaster.
    User re-imports existing employee data with new updates to start and end period and navigates to the HR Input Set notices rows are not updated. TO RECREATE: Launch Microsoft Forecaster and login as an administrator . From the Setup link, click HR...
    HR-related accounts may display different (and incorrect) account balances after an employee record has been manually updated or an employee has been distributed to a new department.
    A user clicks the Cancel button instead of OK when presented with the warning message in HR Input about the input set having locked periods. When the user clicks CANCEL, he is taken into the HR Input screen and can modify fields. He can save and the...
    After importing HR data, some/all of the data imported is incorrect or from a previous HR import.

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