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    Describes how to set up an alternative user to authorize a document in the India version of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0.
    Describes how to connect wireless Xbox 360 controllers to a LifeChat wireless receiver. Up to four wireless controllers can be connected to one receiver.
    Describes that you cannot connect to a computer that is running Windows Home Server. This issue can occur if the Windows Home Server-based computer is on a different subnet.
    When you attempt to connect to a network share, you may receive the following error message: \\Servername\share is not accessible. Access Denied If you are accessing a share in another domain, this message may appear even though you have verified...
    Describes an issue in which you cannot connect a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard by using a Bluetooth connection during setup. Provides a resolution.
    Fixes a problem that may occur when you use the TCPClient.Connect method in Visual Basic .NET 2003 for the method call, and the computer that you use to connect is running the .NET Framework 1.1 SP1.
    Discusses how to connect a Microsoft Bluetooth mouse or Bluetooth keyboard that does not ship with a Microsoft transceiver (USB connector).
    Provides information and video solution on how you can configure Outlook to connect to an MSN email account.
    Describes an issue in which you receive error messages when you try to use user credentials to connect to a network share from a Windows-based computer. Workarounds are provided.
    Discusses a problem that may occur when you use Outlook 2003 or an earlier version of Outlook or Entourage to connect to Exchange 2007. Describes several causes and resolutions for this problem.

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