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    This step-by-step article describes how to connect to peripheral devices with by using infrared light. Windows XP provides computers with the ability to ...
    Describes an issue in which you can't connect to Lync Online or certain features don't work because the connection is blocked by an on-premises firewall.
    Describes how to resolve an issue that gives you an “Unable to connect” error when you sync a Windows Mobile device with a personal computer.
    Discusses a problem where you cannot connect to a wireless network access point that uses shared authentication from a Windows XP-based computer.
    Unable to Connect to Secure Web Page Using Internet Explorer. ... When you connect to a secure Web page, ... India - English ...
    Cannot connect the computer to the server because either another software installation is in progress or, the computer has a restart ... India - English
    You may receive an "Unable to connect to" error message when you try to debug a process through a firewall on a remote computer. Print. ... India - English
    This article describes how to access the Internet by connecting your laptop computer to your mobile device. When you use Windows XP, which has built-in ...
    When you attempt to connect to the Microsoft news server ... "Unable to connect to server. Host not found" Print. ... India - English ...
    If you still cannot connect to the VPN server, the VPN server may not be configured correctly. Contact your VPN server ... India - English

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