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    Udyog Software, a pioneer in tax and business automation products, offers both direct and indirect tax solutions. The WinMax CRM in use at the company was ...
    Error during installation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM server on Windows Server 2012 using the Volume Licensing ISO install bits. Error message: Setup cannot proceed because an error occurred while copying installer files to the local system: The upgrade...
    Buy Microsoft SQL Server 2012 downloads, which are available in a variety of licensing and purchasing options.
    The Magnifier from Microsoft is a viewing and editing tool used with input devices such as a mouse. For more product & licensing details, please visit us online.
    Register for Exam 70-672, and view official preparation materials for certification on designing and providing Microsoft Volume Licensing Solutions to large organizations.
    For more information regarding licensing of Microsoft's video conferencing technology, please visit Microsoft Hardware today.
    The Tilt Wheel is an innovative hardware component of mouse and keyboards that allows users to tilt the scroll wheel from side to side and up and down to easily maneuver the cursor.
    U2 technology enables a computer peripheral device (such as a mouse or keyboard) to be connected to a computer using either a PS2 or USB auto-sensing interface (U+P).
    Rotex had a highly diverse IT environment that was costly and time-consuming to maintain, and licenses that didn’t take advantage of volume discounts. With...
    Microsoft Software Asset Mangagment (SAM)

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