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    Describes how to change the Volume Licensing product key on a Windows XP or a Windows 2003-based computer.
    This article describes how to use Control Panel License Manager, both locally and remotely, to quickly identify whether you are using Windows NT version 3.51 in Per Seat or Per Server Licensing mode. Determining Local Licensing Mode To determine...
    Describes a problem in which the Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services licensing service leaks memory. Provides a hotfix.
    This step-by-step article describes how to activate a Terminal Services license server by using Terminal Server Licensing in Microsoft Windows Server 2003. Overview You must activate a license server before it can issue licenses to Terminal Services...
    Fixes an issue in which Event 4106 generated by a Windows Server 2008-based Terminal licensing server may report incorrect number of issued "Per User" licenses.
    This article describes and provides the location of the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server Licensing white paper.
    After you install Terminal Server Licensing on a server,in a Windows 2000 domain, servers may not be listed in the Terminal Services Licensing tool, and you may receive a warning message that indicates that no license servers were detected. In the...
    Describes Pricing and Licensing for Crystal Reports in Visual Studio .NET or in Visual Studio 2005.
    Symptoms Attempting to install RDS Licensing CALs on a server 2012 OS, might result in error 800 when you install CALs using the Phone method or the Web method ( ) Error message: The RD Licensing Manager received an unrecognized response from the...

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