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    Discover more about Microsoft SQL Server 2012 by accessing webcasts, demos, white papers, and more.
    This article describes Support WebCasts and lists the WebCasts that are available for Windows Millennium Edition (Me), Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows 98, and Windows 95.
    This article lists the most commonly used Windows Installer resources.
    Microsoft Dynamics, self service, knowledge base, technical support, roadblocks, articles, search, keywords
    This article lists steps you can use to troubleshoot hardware configuration problems by using Device Manager. You can use Device Manager to examine and change software-configurable devices. Note that if your hardware device uses jumper pins or dip...
    This article provides a roadmap to learn about programming in the Microsoft .NET Framework with core Extensible Markup Language (XML) base classes. This article assumes that you are familiar with XML standards, the .NET Framework architecture, and...
    Describe the method to normalize the database and gives several alternatives to normalize forms. You need to master the database priciples to understand them or you can follow the steps listed in the article.
    Wednesday, September 21, 2005: 10:00 AM Pacific time: Discusses the DirSync process between Exchange Server 2003 and Lotus Notes. Discusses common issues that occur when Exchange Connector is configured for Lotus Notes.
    This article explains the basics of database normalization terminology. A basic understanding of this terminology is helpful when discussing the design of a relational database. NOTE : Microsoft also offers a WebCast that discusses the basics of...
    Describes beginner database normalization terminology. Requires basic familiarity with the user interface on a single-user computer. Describes different normal forms and gives useful examples.

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