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    Describes the volume licensing of the Academic versions of Office 2000 and Office 2000 Service Release 1 (SR1). Requires that you use the Open Product Key or the Select Product Key when you install Office 2000 or an individual Office 2000 program.
    Describes the factors that determine whether you can downgrade Windows 8 to an earlier version of Windows.
    Provides steps on how to find a Microsoft Product Activation Center phone number.
    …Microsoft Volume Licensing programs…Microsoft Volume Licensing agreements…also see Media Fulfillment……
    Describes the difference between activating a Microsoft product and registering a Microsoft product. Lists the reasons that you activate or register your product, and includes links to additional information about these topics.
    Explains how to resolve problems when you cannot add more Terminal Services client licenses to a Windows Server 2003 or to a Windows 2000 Server computer that has the Terminal Services licensing component installed.
    Register for Exam 70-684, and view official preparation materials for IT professionals who resell hardware with Genuine preinstalled Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, or Windows Small Business Server 2011.
    When you install or reinstall a Microsoft Office product, you are prompted to enter the product key. The product key is used during software installation to "unlock" the product. This article describes how to locate your existing product key or how to...
    …Office 365 customers can more…ability for customers to…store for existing Office 365…Office 365. Customers now…options, licensing implications…to-Run media into an…

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