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    A chart showing key differences between Word for iPad and Word for Mac or Word for Windows.
    A list of the different features in PowerPoint for iPad compared to PowerPoint for Mac and PowerPoint for Windows.
    A list of the different features in Excel for iPad compared to Excel for Mac and Excel for Windows.
    When you try to download the Encarta 97 updates, you may experience one of the following symptoms: A screen appears that asks you to configure a Helper application. The update starts to download, but then appears as garbled text in your browser window.
    Contains detailed steps to follow to uninstall Office 2008 for Mac.
    In this video we show you how to troubleshoot Microsoft Office Outlook for Mac 2011 connection to Exchange Online for Office 365.
    Provides steps to resolve problems you may experience when you save an Excel workbook in Excel 2008 for Mac.

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