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    Microsoft Internet Explorer for Macintosh caches Internet addresses that you type in the Address box, but the cached addresses are not saved when you quit Internet Explorer. The next time you start Internet Explorer, the cached addresses are no longer...
    This article describes how to deploy Internet Explorer throughout a work environment without the need for local administrator logon by using startup or shutdown scripts and the User Rights Deployment (URD) feature. URD is a new feature of Internet...
    The following requirements are necessary to run Internet Explorer version 4.5 for Macintosh: A Macintosh computer with a PowerPC processor Macintosh OS version 8.1 8 MB of RAM with virtual memory turned on (12 MB recommended) 15 MB of hard disk space...
    Resolves vulnerabilities including one that could allow remote code execution if a user viewed a specially crafted Web page by using Internet Explorer. Limited accounts on the system could be less affected than administrative accounts.
    When you start Internet Explorer, the Software Update Installed dialog box may be displayed.
    Describes a problem in which Internet Explorer may stop responding when you browse to Web pages that in different Internet Explorer security zones.
    Some ActiveX controls that shipped with Internet Explorer 3.0x and 4.0x are no longer included with Internet Explorer 5. Page authors should not assume that these controls are present on a machine running Internet Explorer. The removal of these...
    Describes that Internet Explorer 7 cannot handle SHA512 hash algorithm.
    Describes an issue in which Internet Explorer 7 shows a too large password mask character for a password entry box on a Japanese Web site.
    During correct operation, when Windows Live Family Safety blocks a Web page, Family Safety displays a page that provides options for the child to request access to see the blocked Web page. However, you may experience an issue where Internet Explorer...

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