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    Describes a behavior in which System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2 removes all virtual applications that are published to a client without any warning.
    Describes the rules that you must follow to run scripts in an .osd file in Microsoft App-V (SoftGrid). Includes some examples.
    Describes Cumulative Update 2 for Exchange Server 2013 that is dated July 9, 2013.
    Describes an issue that prevents mail delivery in Exchange Server 2013. Occurs when the Microsoft Exchange Transport service is inactive. A resolution is provide.
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    Resolves an issue in which a mailbox move request that you created by using the New-MoveRequest cmdlet is not displayed in EAC. This issue occurs when you create a mailbox move request in an Exchange Server 2013 environment.
    Describes an issue in which very large transaction logs are generated when you move mailboxes by using the Migration wizard or *-MigrationBatch commands in Exchange Server 2013.
    Fixes an issue in which an Exchange Information store worker process crashes. This issue occurs when you export mailboxes in an Exchange Server 2013 environment.
    Fixes a problem that occurs when you try to upgrade the SQL Server database role from Application Virtualization Management Server 4.1 to Application Virtualization Management Server 4.5. The upgrade fails and, error 25119 is generated.

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