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    Describes that the selection of the bank account is invalid when you use the method of payment that uses the NL - ClieOp03 Betalingen export format. A hotfix is provided.
    VAT Daybook Summary Report prints a blank first page using the BE-NL Report Template in Microsoft Dynamics GP
    Describes the bugs that are resolved in the SharePoint Foundation hotfix package that is dated December 11, 2012.
    Describes the Office 2010 bug that is resolved in the hotfix package that is dated October 26, 2010.
    Versions 2.1 and 3.0 of Microsoft Mail Gateway to SMTP may display the following error message: This error message indicates that the SMTP Gateway program has received a message that does not use CRLF to delineate SMTP header fields. RFC 822 "Standard...
    Describes an issue that is fixed in the Access 2007 hotfix package that is dated April 30, 2009.
    Describes the Excel 2010 bug that is resolved in the hotfix package that is dated December 14, 2010.
    Describes an issue that occurs when you import a bank account statement that uses the NL-Swift MT 940 file format in the Dutch localization version of Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 with Service Pack 2. Provides a resolution.
    Describes a problem that occurs after you import an account statement. Describes a hotfix that resolves the problem.
    …berendezések hulladékai MT: skart ta’ tagħmir elettriku u elettroniku (WEEE) NL: afgedankte elektrische en elektronische apparatuur (AEEA) NO: Elektrisk og elektronisk…

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