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    Describes the information that may be collected from a computer when you run the "Volume License Activation - Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2" troubleshooter for Support Diagnostic Platform.
    This article describes on how to change the Software License Registration Information such as the name, company name, or the software owner. Before you proceed with the steps below, please have your installation media and product key in hand. If you...
    Lists resources to help you activate a license for an Office suite or an Office program. Also lists resources to help you activate a trial version of an Office suite or or an Office program.
    Discusses the behavior where you must accept the Office End User License Agreement every time that you start an Office program.
    Describes a problem in which the program does not start or returns a license-related error message if the Activation Licensing database is corrupted or if there is a conflict between MapPoint 2009 and a Microsoft Office template.
    Describes an issue in which the English version of the Microsoft Software License Terms appears in the OOBE Wizard when you use a Windows Vista product image to deploy the ZH-HK or ZH-TW (Chinese Traditional) version of Windows Vista.
    The Microsoft Forecaster Administrative user cannot update the license after signing on as the SYS user. The Trial User license displays.
    Describes a problem that occurs when the License Terms screen of the Setup program for Cumulative Update 1 for SQL Server 2008 incorrectly states "To install Service Pack." Includes a resolution.
    "Unable to verify license key is valid"This error occurs when trying to enter registration information into Microsoft FRx WebPort.
    "Error 429 - You do not have an appropriate license to use this functionality."This error occurs when trying to launch FRx on a computer that has multiple versions of FRx installed.

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