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    The License Synchronizer Job will run on all computers in the farm after several moments. ... Norge - Bokmål Österreich - Deutsch ...
    Norge (Norsk Bokmål) Polska (Polski) Portugal (Português) ... Microsoft Access can't start because there is no license for it on this machine.
    The remote session was disconnected because there are no Terminal Server License Servers available to provide a license. ... Norge - Bokmål
    Fixes an issue in which no RDS license when you connect to a RDS farm in Windows Server 2012. ... Norge (Norsk Bokmål) Polska (Polski) Portugal (Português)
    Microsoft Office cannot verify the license for this product. You should repair the Office program by using Control Panel.
    Discusses a scenario in which you receive a "One or more users need an assigned license in order to retain an Exchange Online ... Norge (Norsk Bokmål ...
    No Terminal Server license Server is available in the current domain or workgroup. To connect to another license server, click Action, click Connect, and ...
    You receive a "No Terminal Services License server was found on the network" error message when you run the Manage Your Server Wizard on a Windows Server ... Norge ...
    Norge - Bokmål Österreich - Deutsch Panamá - Español Paraguay - Español ...
    Discusses the behavior where you must accept the Office End User License Agreement every time that you start an Office program.

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