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    All of the Microsoft Office software you love on the Mac. Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook on the Mac OS.
    Authorization determines whether an identity should be granted access to a specific resource. In ASP.NET, there are two ways to authorize access to a given resource:
    Application state is a data repository available to all classes in an ASP.NET application. Application state is stored in memory on the server and is faster than storing and retrieving information in a database. Unlike session state, which is specifi ...
    Authentication is the process of obtaining identification credentials such as name and password from a user and validating those credentials against some authority. If the credentials are valid, the entity that submitted the credentials is considered ...
    One of the most important factors in building high-performance, scalable Web applications is the ability to store items, whether data objects, pages, or parts of a page, in memory the initial time they are requested. You can cache, or store, these it ...
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    An important aspect of creating ASP.NET Web pages for user input is to be able to check that the information users enter is valid. ASP.
    Find out how Microsoft Office applications integrate and communicate with SharePoint, and explore ways you can integrate non-Microsoft applications with SharePoint using the same principles.
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