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    When you perform a custom installation or you use the option in Microsoft Office XP Maintenance mode, and you want to install or remove the Clip Organizer, you are unable to find the Clip Organizer in the Office Tools branch of the tree of the Office...
    Describes the improvements that Office Proofing Tools 2007 SP3 provides and the issues that it fixes.
    Describes the issues that are fixed in the proofing tools for the Italian version of Office XP post-Service Pack 3 hotfix package that is dated May 14, 2004.
    Describes an update that provides Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime.
    This article describes the Microsoft Office XP Proofing Tools issues that are fixed in the Office XP Proofing Tools Kit hotfix package that is dated February 6, 2004. Issues That Are Fixed in the Hotfix Package The following issue is fixed in this...
    Describes how to correct time differences in Groove that are caused by changes to daylight saving time (DST) periods that affect Calendar and tools in Groove Virtual Office 3.x and Microsoft Office Groove 2007.
    When you use the Microsoft Office 97, Developer Edition Tools to create a custom application that includes an ActiveX control and its supporting .dll file(s), and you click to select the Run-Time check box on the Database Shortcut Properties tab, you...
    Describes the Office XP Proofing Tools issue that is fixed in the German edition of the Office XP Proofing Tools post-Service Pack 3 hotfix package that is dated August 4, 2006.

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