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    Project partners have proven expertise in envisioning, implementing, and extending Microsoft Project to meet customers’ needs. Find a partner or become one.
    Analyze channel partner data with this template which can track marketing campaigns, compare actual with forecast sales number, and calculate return on investment (ROI).
    This template supports direct discussions with and presentations to customers to develop partner relationships by focusing on the customer's needs and your company's ability to create solution value p...
    Describes an issue that occurs when a delegated partner administrator tries to access the SharePoint Online Admin Center site collection of one of the partner's clients. Provides a solution.
    The Microsoft Partner Network membership benefits include software licenses for your organization, depending on the type of membership and related products.
    If you want to ensure secure communication with a partner, you can use Inbound and Outbound connectors to provide security and message integrity. You can configure forced inbound and outbound Transport Layer Security (TLS) on each connector, using a certificate. TLS is an encryption protocol that provides security for communications over the Internet.
    Step 1 for Microsoft partners: Register as a Certified Partner for Microsoft MapPoint for benefits that will help you expand your business. Partners have access to business groups at Microsoft; to a MapPoint-specific network of people, data, and tools; and to exclusive content on MapPoint for partners. Certified Partners also receive development licenses, news updates, and more
    Find a software solution partner to help you with maps and mapping features through the Microsoft MapPoint Solution Showcase. Search by product and horizontal or vertical solution area
    Discusses a problem that occurs when the .NET Framework-based application specifies an alias of the mirror partner server. The OLE DB provider and the ODBC driver cannot connect to the mirror partner server. Two workarounds are provided.
    Describes the problem in which a trade partner may reject a message when you send a 0A1 message to the trade partner by using BizTalk Accelerator for RosettaNet 3.3 or BizTalk Accelerator for RosettaNet 3.5. Provides a hotfix that resolves the problem.

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