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    Project partners have proven expertise in envisioning, implementing, and extending Microsoft Project to meet customers’ needs. Find a partner or become one.
    Realize the full potential of your datacenter, application, and cloud investments with Microsoft hardware, software, and services partners helping you.
    Find a Microsoft Partner: No matter the size or purpose of your Microsoft SQL Server 2012 installation, partners can help evaluate, plan, deploy, and manage it.
    The Microsoft Partner Network keeps members up-to-date about current technologies and helps them serve their customers better and more profitably.
    Fixes a problem in which the system does not populate the IC Partner dimension codes for the IC Partner transactions when you post a credit memo that has an IC Partner code specified in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009.
    Describes a problem that occurs when you run the Adjust Exchange Rates periodic activity for customers or vendors that are linked with intercompany (IC) partner codes. Provides a hotfix.
    Fixes an issue in which BizTalk Server sends back an incorrect EDIFACT CONTRL to a trading partner. Specifically, the UCI2 and UCI3 data elements in the EDIFACT CONTRL message.
    Discusses a problem that occurs when the .NET Framework-based application specifies an alias of the mirror partner server. The OLE DB provider and the ODBC driver cannot connect to the mirror partner server. Two workarounds are provided.
    Describes the problem in which a trade partner may reject a message when you send a 0A1 message to the trade partner by using BizTalk Accelerator for RosettaNet 3.3 or BizTalk Accelerator for RosettaNet 3.5. Provides a hotfix that resolves the problem.
    You can import a new partner interface process (PIP), and then you can create an agreement that includes this PIP by using the Partner Agreement Wizard. However, the element name and the generated document type definition (DTD) name envelope properties...

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