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    Describes that you may receive an error when you install a Setup application that is configured with the Web Bootstrapper. To resolve the problem, disable content expiration. Do remember to change the URL of the update.
    This step-by-step article discusses how to determine whether a client system meets the hardware and software requirements to install the .NET Framework. This information becomes more important when you install the .NET Framework or Microsoft Visual...
    Describes the features of the Windows Installer PublishComponent table for Visio 2007 and Visio 2003. Explains how third-party developers can use this feature to add their own content to Visio.
    This article lists the most commonly used Windows Installer resources.
    A User Principal Name (UPN) is composed of a user account logon name and the user principal name suffix joined by the "@" sign. The UPN allows for a simplified logon. Most commonly, the UPN is the user's e-mail address. Because the user principal name...
    With Visual Studio Installer, you receive the following error messages when you try to Compile, Build, or Deploy your project:
    You can establish launch conditions in your setup solution that terminate the installation and display a message if certain conditions exist. This article describes the kinds of launch conditions that you can specify and provides an example of how to...
    This article describes one method that you can use to debug an Internet Server API (ISAPI) Extension or a filter DLL file. You must have Microsoft Visual C++ installed on the computer that is running Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS).
    When you trying to install the Windows 95 SNA client on a computer running Windows NT, it may cause the following error with Msvcrt40.dll: Unable to open \path\system\MSVCRT40.DLL. File may be in use by another application. This problem...
    This article demonstrates how to get started calling functions in the Windows Application Programming Interface (Windows API) in your Visual Basic projects. This article assumes you are familiar with using Visual Basic but have never used it to...

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