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    The article describes about how to resolve the "failed to create MSI engine" error when you try to validate a Windows Installer package.
    You can create a Microsoft Windows Installer package by using the Setup and Deployment Projects option in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. However, if the installer package contains a shortcut file, the path of the destination file that appears in the...
    You may experience one or more of the following issues on a server that is running Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server or Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 in your organization: Messages may become backed up in the messaging queues. You may not be able to...
    Describes a problem that occurs when you build an Itanium architecture-based application that uses MFC headers. You may receive a LNK2005 error message.
    Explains that you may receive an error message when you try to install Visual Studio .NET or Visual Studio 2005. You must remove the .NET Framework 1.0, remove the installation folder of the .NET Framework 1.0, and then run the Msizap.exe utility.
    Describes how to manually remove Visual Studio .NET 2002 components.
    This article describes a method that you can use to manipulate the defaultSecurityDescriptor attribute of an Active Directory schema object by using the IADsSecurityDescriptor interface that is returned from an Active Directory Service Interfaces...
    When you are installing software that uses the Windows Installer runtime, you may receive the following error message, and Setup will exit the installation: Note that the error message itself in Windows Installer 1.1 and 1.2 includes the typographical...
    Describes a sample that demonstrates how to render an OpenGL scene into a DIBSection.
    DibSectn.exe is a sample that demonstrates how to use DIBSections in Win32 applications. Written in C, this sample is constructed in the form of a DLL, which makes it easy to call from other programs. DIBSections are commonly used to bridge the...

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