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    Learn how you can help protect your computer with software that blocks or removes viruses, spyware, and other malicious or unwanted software.
    Conficker Worm: Help Protect Windows from Conficker. Consolidated information customers can use to protect their systems and recover infected systems.
    Overview Learn what you can do to help keep data secure in Microsoft Excel. Use passwords so that only you, or a select few, can open a workbook. See how to help protect data from
    Open Display in Control Panel. On the Screen Saver tab under Screen saver, click a screen saver Select the On resume, password protect check box. If Fast User Switching is turned on, select the On resume, display Welcome screen check box.
    Learn how to password-protect your Xbox Live profile, have the Xbox 360 remember your password, and change the password protection on your profile.
    Windows does not support using passwords to protect shared folders, but you can control who is able to access a shared folder by setting sharing permissions.
    Describes an issue in which a user cannot protect content by using Information Rights Management (IRM) or cannot access IRM-protected content in Office 365 dedicated.
    Learn how to use BitLocker Drive Encryption to help protect files on your system drive and data drives.
    With passwords, multiple people can password-protect their email on one shared computer. There are two scenarios: sharing at work/home, and sharing a public computer.

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