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    Describes that you cannot use System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 or System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 to protect a SharePoint Farm. Provides a resolution.
    Describes a problem that how to use Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2006 to help protect an Exchange server.
    When you use Protect Form in a database, you should not be able to change the formatting of text, such as the font or style. With Protect Form in use, the Font and Style command under the Format menu and the Bold, Italic and Underline toolbar buttons...
    Using Protect Data in a Works spreadsheet disables some editing functions even if you are working in a column or row that is not locked.
    Describes an issue in which a user receives an error message when they try to use Information Rights Management to protect an email message in Outlook Web App in Microsoft Office 365 dedicated.
    Fixes a problem that occurs when you click a button to run a macro to protect or unprotect some Excel 2013 worksheets.
    This step-by-step article describes how to add additional file types to an ASP.NET application to protect certain file types. By default, ASP.NET is configured to intercept and to stop requests for several different file types that are used in ASP.NET...
    Describes an issue that occurs when a user tries to protect content by using IRM or tries to access IRM-protected content in Microsoft Office 365 dedicated.
    Describes how Groove maintains the security of a workspace and helps protect data sent over a non-secure network.
    Trying to protect a SharePoint Farm with DPM 2007 SP1 or DPM 2010 may result in errors if SQL aliasing is being utilized

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