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    Learn how to set important or personal files to read-only to help protect them from unintentional or unauthorized changes.
    Learn about how Forefront Security for SharePoint helps protect extranets from viruses, malicious software, and inappropriate content.
    Get answers to common questions about how Internet Explorer can help protect your personal and financial information when browsing the web.
    Overview Learn about security fundamentals in Microsoft Office programs and what you can do to help protect your computer and documents. Find out about digital signatures, some
    The Backup utility helps you protect data from accidental loss if your system experiences hardware or storage media failure.
    Learn what a firewall is and how it can help protect your computer from hackers and malicious software.
    Before secured data can be exchanged, a contract between the two computers must be established. In this contract, called a security association (SA), both agree on how to exchange and protect information, as shown in the following illustration.
    This topic describes how you can protect sensitive information from being exposed, as well as useful tips when using WebHost.
    Get answers to questions about how Internet Explorer can help protect your personal and financial information from phishing and malware when browsing the web.
    Learn how Windows Defender helps protect your computer against spyware and other potentially unwanted software, such as adware.

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