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    Describes an issue that occurs when you have Sygate Personal Firewall program installed on your Windows XP Service Pack 2-based computer.
    When you save a workbook in Microsoft Excel 97, it may take a long time to save the workbook.
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    Describes an issue in which a user cannot protect content by using Information Rights Management (IRM) or cannot access IRM-protected content in Office 365 ...
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    When you use Data Protection Manager 2007 (DPM) to protect SQL Server on Windows Server 2003 you may find the jobs remain in a synchronizing state and ...
    Provides general guidelines to help you decide which type of antivirus software to run on the computers that are running SQL Server in your environment.
    Windows File Protection Cannot Restore an Operating System File That It Is Helping to Protect after You Install Oracle Application Suite
    This article describes how to protect the text that is in the header and the footer of a Microsoft Word document from changes.
    In Excel 2007, worksheets can be protected by clicking the Review tab, and then clicking Protect Sheet in the Changes group. In Excel 2003 and in ...

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