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    Discusses documentation errors in the "Help resources" topic of the Helpresources.htm file that is included in the original release version of SharePoint Portal Server 2003. Includes the correct information for the topic.
    This article lists known documentation errors in the Microsoft Windows 98 Resource Kit and the Microsoft Windows 98 Resource Kit Book Online located in the Tools\Reskit\Help folder on the Windows 98 CD-ROM. The following known documentation errors...
    The Platform Software Developer's Kit (SDK) documentation (Rtl.htm) incorrectly states that the IADsSecurity object's IADsSecurityDescriptor interface can be used to modify permissions on a shared network resource. In fact, the IADsSecurityDescriptor...
    The "Microsoft Windows Resource Kit" was written and distributed before the release of Microsoft Windows version 3.1, the Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) version 3.1, and Microsoft Windows for Pen Computing version 1.0. Subsequent to...
    List of documentation resources and other technical resources for evaluating, planning, deploying, maintaining, and supporting Group Policy. Also includes links to the Group Policy Web forum and team blog.
    This article describes the resources and documentation available to you for automating Microsoft Office applications. This information can be applied regardless of the programming language you choose for automating an Office application. This article...
    Provides BitLocker documentation resources including product evaluation, getting started guides, procedures, design and deployment guides, and troubleshooting for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Server 2008.
    In addition to standard forms of documentation, many Microsoft products are also available in other formats to make them more accessible.
    This article shows the different ways that you can access the documentation for Microsoft Office Web Components (OWC). The article also includes information about additional resources for programming the OWC. Using Office Web Components Reference The...

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