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    Changes the name of the root server used for queries. Syntax set ro[ot]=RootServer Parameters RootServer Specifies the new name for the root server. The default value is {help ?} Displays a short summary of nslookup subcommands.
    Describes some improvements for Windows Store and Windows Update in Windows RT 8.1, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server 2012 R2.
    Describes the SharePoint Foundation 2010 cumulative update package (SharePoint Foundation server-package) that is dated June 11, 2013.
    This article describes technical information about each SP1 updates that were released for the Microsoft Office 2013 client products.
    Fixes an issue in which a Windows RT-based, Windows 8-based, or Windows Server 2012-based computer may restart before the "Choose an option" screen appears. This issue occurs after you try to restart the computer into the UEFI Firmware settings by using...
    – Vi gik fra en kompleks, dyr og krævende infrastruktur til en løsning, der er klippestabil, 100 pct. skalérbar og som reelt giver os langt flere mulighede...
    … Portuguese pt, pt-br Portuguese (Portugal) pt-pt Romanian ro, ro-ro Russian ru , ru-ru Serbian (Latin) sr-Latn, sr-latn-cs…
    When using a hardware provider to create a snapshot that requires a VSS Writer to perform Auto Recovery, it will fail if there is a data set that spans more than one partition on an MBR Disk
    …kan ìwọ yóò gbé Ìfẹnukò Ìhùwàsí yìí ró, atipe ìwọ ló ni ojúṣe ati ẹ̀bi fun gbogbo àwọn… Ni afikun sí gbígbé Ìfẹnukò Ìhùwàsí yìí rò, ìwọ ló ni ojúṣe ati ẹ̀bi fun títẹ̀lé gbogbo…
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