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    Describes the Office 2010 issue that is resolved in the hotfix package that is dated October 30, 2012.
    The .pjm file is the P ro j ect M etaFile used by Visual FoxPro (VFP) and Visual SourceSafe (VSS) integration. Understanding its usage can help you troubleshoot certain problems that may arise when using the integration. The initial limitation of...
    VM users can use the following statement used to check that the ROUTE statements for the PROFS gateway are correct and properly initialized. SM rscs_nodename Q SYS RO It shows all the ROUTE statements that were initialized the last time the given RSCS...
    Describes a problem that occurs when you try to install Visual Studio .NET or Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio .NET ro Visual Studio 2005 prerequisites. Another program installation starts unexpectedly.
    Changes the name of the root server used for queries. Syntax set ro[ot]=RootServer Parameters RootServer Specifies the new name for the root server. The default value is {help ?} Displays a short summary of nslookup subcommands.
    SQL Error 15008 - Master and Master RO does not exist in the current database. occurs in the SQL log after creating a database.
    Fixes an issue in which some dialog boxes or text appears in the base language unexpectedly. This issue occurs if you install a language pack after you install Update 2919355.
    Describes the SharePoint Server 2013 cumulative update package (SharePoint server-package) that is dated April 26, 2013.
    Describes the Project Server 2013 cumulative update package (Project server-package) that is dated April 26, 2013.
    Describes the bugs that are resolved in the Office 2013 hotfix package that is dated February 12, 2013.

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