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    Find answers to frequently asked questions about RSS-fed dynamic themes.
    Learn how to find, view, and subscribe to RSS feeds, Web Slices, and podcasts in Internet Explorer.
    To stay updated when documents or items on your site change, set up alerts or subscribe to Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds.
    Change how frequently you get updated RSS items, where RSS items are saved, and whether or not to download attachments.
    When you use Windows Internet Explorer 7 or 8 and Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 , you can view and maintain the same RSS Feeds subscriptions list in either program. You
    Learn about RSS feeds and how they are used to update website content such as blogs, videos, and pictures.
    You can stay updated on changes to documents and list items on your SharePoint site by receiving notifications of changes as alerts and Really Simple Syndication (RSS), if your

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