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    The SNA TN3270 Server will send an x'40' character (space) instead of a Null RU when you press the ENTER key on an SSCP screen. When this occurs, the TN3270 Client will receive the error message:
    Describe a problem that is fixed in the Office SharePoint Server 2007 hotfix package that is dated June 29, 2010.
    Describes the issue that is fixed in the Outlook 2007 hotfix package that is dated October 27, 2009.
    Some 32-bit SLI applications may fail when you try to transfer large amounts of data. Investigation shows that the SNA RUI layer is returning an error code of DATA_TRUNCATED when performing a RUI_READ of more than 256 bytes.
    You may see the following message sequence when you run an APPC TP on SNA Server communicating to a partner APPC TP on an MVS host (running on Software AG Entire APPC server v1.2.4), over a mapped conversation: SNA Server Host <- RH=039020 RU=00 A2 12...
    An RUI_READ (immediate) will stop when an RU size is greater than 3 KB. No errors are generated; however, the application does not respond.
    ID : ALS.esp.5.3.Russian.1.1.ALL Product : ALS 5.3.Russian.1.1 on ALL Date released : 6-Dec-10 Installation procedure for Advanced Language Support for Russian This document will describes how to install the ALS package for Russian (ISO-639 code 'ru')....
    By default, Setup installs all Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2013 roles on the local computer. However, if you are installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server, you can install one or more server roles on a different computer, or have two or more computers ru
    Shared Folders is unable to copy files to an AS/400 folder with compression enabled. In addition, files greater than 6 KB are unable to be copied to the AS/400. The compression header is not getting inserted into the compressed Request Unit (RU)...
    Here's how to report spam email, phishing scams, email abuse, and other malicious email in

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