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    Learn how cross-site scripting filter can help keep your information protected when you use Internet Explorer 9.
    As an alternative to using the Switch.inf file, you can also use the Windows 95 scripting language to automate the logon process for dial-up connections.
    Addresses a vulnerability by changing how the VBScript scripting engine handles objects in memory.
    Describes how you may receive a "1607:Unable to install InstallShield Scripting runtime" error message when you try to install software on a Windows XP-based computer. You can resolve this problem by using one of several methods.
    This three-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to manage Windows networks by using the Windows Script Host (WSH) and the Microsoft Visual Basic, Scripting Edition (VBScript) language.
    This five-day instructor-led course is intended for IT Professionals who have a working knowledge of Windows PowerShell 3.0 techniques and technologies, and who want to build reusable tools by using Windows PowerShell 3.0. Students of this course may administer a wide variety of server and client products and technologies that offer Windows PowerShell integration, including Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Windows Active Directory Domain Services, Microsoft SharePoint Server, and more. This course focuses on the Windows PowerShell scripting language, and on the concepts and techniques needed to produce reusable, professional tools.
    Focusing on scripting for the administrator, this guide helps you understand important scripting concepts and technologies, and it shows how to use common scripting tools and techniques to complete routine tasks in core administrative areas.
    Learn how to manage your Windows Server–based environment with practical, hands-on instruction from a Microsoft scripting expert.
    Get the inside track on how to use Microsoft Windows scripting to automate system administration—straight from Microsoft scripting experts. Features self-paced learning exercises, timesaving tips, and sample scripts to help you get more done in less time.

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