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    Describes an issue where you cannot update a custom Web site to the security zone if you log on to a Windows Server 2003-based server by using a remote desktop connection.
    After you turn on the audit directory service access policy in Active Directory Users and Computers, when an object is deleted from the Active Directory directory service, the security event log does not record an event ID 565 event message for File...
    Describes how to change the RequireAsChecksum registry entry to help provide additional protection after you install security update 899587.
    After you import a security template into a Group Policy object (GPO) in Microsoft Windows XP, the version number of the GPO is not incremented.
    If you configure an audit policy to audit successful logon and logoff events, you may find that the user logoff audit event ID 538 is not logged to the security event log after you shut down your computer and then restart it.
    Installation of Windows Server 2003 SP1 fails with "Error 0x80092026: The cryptographic operation failed due to a local security option setting."
    Explains why the well-known security principals that are introduced in Windows Server 2003 do not appear on your domain controller in certain environments. Suggests a workaround using the Subinacl.exe utility from the Windows 2000 Resource Kit.
    A security vulnerability exists in Microsoft Word 2000 that could allow arbitrary code to run when you open a maliciously modified document. The update resolves this vulnerability so that Word 2000 documents are handled appropriately.
    Microsoft has released a Microsoft Security Advisory on a vulnerability in Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) that could lead to Denial of Service.
    When an administrator uses the Group Policy setting to force all users of the same computer to have the same Internet Explorer security zones settings, privacy (cookie) settings are not affected. That is, different privacy settings can still be set by...

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