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    Windows XP is loaded with new tools and programs that ensure the privacy and security of your data, and help you operate your computer at peak performance.
    Resolves security vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office 2010 that could allow arbitrary code to run when a maliciously modified file is opened.
    …Garage Series: Explaining data security and your control in Office…How safe is my data?” Security is an important element…provider. But even beyond security, they cover related…
    Learn about Pop-up Blocker, Protected Mode, security zones, and other customizable security and privacy settings in Internet Explorer.
    This section provides general background information for Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server....
    This security update addresses the vulnerabilities by correcting the way that Microsoft Office parses specially crafted files and by correcting the manner in which the XML parser used by Word resolves external entities within a specially crafted file.
    Microsoft security updates are accompanied by two documents: a Microsoft security bulletin and a Microsoft Knowledge Base article. This article describes the information that is included in Microsoft Knowledge Base articles that are associated with...
    Resolves a security vulnerability that exists in Microsoft XML Core Services that could enable information disclosure.
    Use these steps to restore your computer's security settings to their default configurations. Applies to computers that are running Windows XP and Windows Vista.
    Discusses how to manually uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials if you cannot uninstall it by using the "Add or Remove Programs" feature.

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