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    The Web Services Security Protocols provide Web services security mechanisms that cover all existing enterprise messaging security requirements. This section describes the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) details (implemented in the SecurityBin ...
    URL security zones enable administrators to divide URL namespaces according to their respective levels of trust and to manage each level with an appropriate URL policy.
    The SQL Workflow Instance Store uses the following database security roles to secure access to instance state information in the persistence database.
    When you create a database, you must specify the security model. There are two options:
    Applications created with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) can log security events (either success, failure, or both) with the auditing feature. The events are written to the Windows system event log and can be examined using the Event Viewer.
    Learn about the two kinds of custom security trimmer interfaces, ISecurityTrimmerPre and ISecurityTrimmerPost, and the steps you must take to create a custom security trimmer.
    This how-to guides you through the steps to implement—create, deploy, and register—a custom security trimmer for Search in SharePoint 2013 by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.
    To accommodate new claim types and custom tokens, you can extend the security infrastructure of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). The topics in this section show you how this is done.
    This section explains how to implement record-level security in Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Microsoft SQL Server.
    This chapter shows you with practical examples, how to use .NET Framework code access security to improve the security of your assemblies.

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