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    Read about the features of Microsoft Security Essentials, such as system scanning, cleaning, and real-protection and learn about system requirements.
    Learn the different steps you can take when you are having problems installing Microsoft Security Essentials on your computer.
    To customize a predefined security template Open Security Templates. In the console tree, double-click the default path folder (systemroot\Security\Templates), and in the details pane, right-click the predefined template you want to modify.
    To filter the scope of Group Policy according to security group membership Open the Group Policy object whose scope you want to filter.
    To import a security template to a Group Policy object Perform one of these steps If Do this You are on a workstation or server which is joined to a domain and you would like to import a security template for a Group Policy object Click Start, point ...
    Learn how to delete and replace all your Microsoft account security info at once.
    Install security updates and learn about ways that you can stay up to date with information about the latest security issues and updates.
    Learn how to use Internet Explorer to block or restrict a website's security clearance with trusted, restricted, or Internet security zones.
    You can track Windows XP security events through auditing, which you enable in Group Policy. You can specify that an audit entry be written to the security event log whenever certain actions are performed or certain files are accessed.
    The Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) security log allows advanced users to choose which information to log. With ICF security logging you can: Log dropped packets.

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