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    Microsoft offers small business advice for all of your needs. Discover how our business support services can help with mobility, security and more.
    This spreadsheet template helps you to value a small business. Use it only as an estimate. The method for valuing a business differs from industry to industry. Your accountant should be your final opi...
    Managers, consultants, and business owners can use the demographic mapping features of Microsoft MapPoint software to define markets and analyze competition. Take the Test Drive through a true-to-life small business scenario
    Explains how to install a Windows Small Business Server 2003-based computer in an existing domain. Discusses some conditions that must be true before you install the new computer in the existing domain.
    This Excel 2010 calendar is targeted at small business users but can be adapted for any audience. Use the built in automation to select any year and then customize it with your company name and logo.
    Describes the availability of Windows Small Business Server 2003 Best Practices Analyzer tool. Lists some frequently asked questions.
    When you install the Remote Desktop Session Host role on a computer that is running Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard, the role seems to be installed correctly. However, you cannot switch the licensing mode to per device or to per user....
    Fixes an issue in which Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2 will not start on a Windows Small Business Server 2008-based computer. We provide information about how to resolve this issue.
    Describes an issue that occurs when software updates are no longer managed by Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 Update Services. This issue occurs when you install and remove the pilot version of WSUS, and then you reinstall it.
    Explains how to completely remove Small Business Accounting and Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE). You use Registry Editor to clean up all related registry keys.

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