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    When you attempt to run the Creative Wonders School House Rock 1st-4th Math program, you may receive the following error message:
    Provides a fix for a problem where every 4096th character is corrupted if you use the ITextDocument::Open method to load an .rtf file into a rich edit control. This problem occurs if the value of the CodePage parameter is set to CP_UTF8.
    …Web Events Conferences Multimedia Multimedia AEROmetrex Collects 1,000,000th UltraCam Frame Graz, Austria — May 2, 2013 — Microsoft customer, AEROmetrex…
    When you run Windows NT version 3.5 Setup, the Company Name field accepts 46 characters, but after choosing OK, the next screen shows that the last 7 characters have been truncated. For example, after entering the following company name: Long Name...
    Recently, some students cannot find back their deleted files in th Recycle Bin. Where did it go wrong?
    When you use an FTP task in Data Transformation Services (DTS) to move files from an FTP server to a destination folder, the last file in the list is deleted from the destination, after the package completes execution. Th file deletion happens when the...
    Exporting a management pack allows customizations to a sealed management pack to be saved to a file. Because sealed management packs cannot be changed, the customizations made to a management pack are saved to a separate, unsealed management pack file. Th
    Returns the k-th largest value in a data set. You can use this function to select a value based on its relative standing. For example, you can use LARGE to return the highest

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