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    Fixes an Internet Explorer 11 crashes issue. This issue occurs when you turn on or turn off the Enterprise Mode feature.
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    Describes how to deploy the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool in an enterprise environment.
    Resolves a vulnerability in the .NET Framework in Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal that could allow elevation of privilege.
    Describes the bug that is resolved in the Duet Enterprise for SharePoint and SAP hotfix package that is dated November 15, 2012.
    Discusses a problem in which 2007 Office applications display the revoked signatures as valid on a domain controller that hosts an enterprise certification authority.
    Fixes an issue where applications that use Enterprise Single Sign-On will not logon to remote applications when the ENTSSO service loses communication with the database for 5 minutes or more.
    Fixes a problem in SQL Server 2000 where the Mail Profile combo box may be disabled when you use Enterprise Manager to view SQL Server agent properties. Additionally, you cannot send mail by using the xp_sendmail procedure from a DTS package.
    Fixes an issue in which RCC-enabled users can't call Enterprise Voice-enabled users in a Lync Server 2013 environment. This issue occurs when the Enterprise Voice-enabled users are configured to have the same main telephone number and different extensions.
    Describes an issue in which the "Enterprise root CA" is not available. This issue occurs when you try to install the Certificate Services component and set up a certification authority.

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