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    Describes that you receive an error message "The expression Date cannot be type-converted to a Option value" when you run the "Close Income Statement" report (94) in the UK version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0. Provides a codefix.
    The following topics are covered: Page 8: Correction to table keys Page 20: tag used in place of tag Page 43: Yes missing from Figure 2-7 Page 51: Link in MoreInfo box is incorrect Page 68: THEN repeated in...
    …syntax for this expression is as follows…U", such as UK, USA, and so…When used in an expression, the asterisk…records for USA and UK. Contain one…when used in an expression, represent a single…
    Show All Hide All You can create a macro (macro: An action or set of actions that you can use to automate tasks.) to perform a specific series of actions (action: The basic
    Show All Hide All This article explains what macros are and how they can save you time by automating tasks that you perform often. It explores the fundamentals behind creating and
    You can create a macro to perform a specific series of actions, and you can create a macro group to perform related series of actions.
    Creates an update query that changes values in fields in a specified table based on specified criteria. Syntax UPDATE table SET newvalue WHERE criteria ; The UPDATE statement
    …following table lists examples of expressions that use the Date and Now…current date. You can use these expression... Access 2003 Bing… How to Add Calculations…
    This article provides a roadmap to learn and to master the ADO.NET DataSet , DataView , and DataViewManager objects. Roadmap articles provide links to useful information, including online documentation, Microsoft Knowledge Base articles, and Microsoft...
    Describes how to create a parameter query which can help restrict the returned result in Access 2000. Including how to create a query with two or more parameters and how to create parameters that use wildcards.

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