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    When you try to install Microsoft Windows XP, you may receive an error message similar to one or both of the following error messages: -or-
    Windows 2000 Backup keeps a tombstone catalog on the local disk for each backup tape. After you select a backup catalog on the Restore tab, Backup mounts the tape and then reads the on-media catalog(s) to populate the on-disk catalog file before...
    Describes why a Windows Media Video (.wmv) file may not be imported in Expression Media.
    When you upgrade to Windows 2000 Server Indexing Service, custom catalogs that were created by using Index Server version 2.0 and earlier are lost. There are only two catalogs (the "Web" and the "System" catalog) that are installed with the product by...
    This article details some backup and recovery guidelines for an Index Server catalog. WARNING : This information is provided as a guideline and is not supported by Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS). Use this information at your own risk.
    Describes a problem where there is too much network traffic when Outlook tries to contact the global catalog server. Describes how to configure Outlook to a specific global catalog server or to the closest global catalog server.
    Describes a problem that occurs when you try to perform an incremental catalog import operation by using an XML file that contains empty attributes for a product, and you receive an error message. Includes a resolution.
    Microsoft FRx Catalog Headers are not inserted between tree units in a Microsoft FRx Report that is exported to Microsoft Excel (XLS, not Formatted Excel). Microsoft Excel XLS output produces a one page Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for the Microsoft FRx...
    When using rounding in the catalog and a format mask with a calculation, the catalog rounding is overriding the format mask.
    The CONTROL +V for the PASTE fuction does not work properly in the Catalog Header/Footer fields. In the Catalog Header or Footer, if you highlight certain text and paste over it, it erroneously replaces all text in that box, not the text that was...

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