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    Discusses problems with promoting a Windows Server 2003 domain controller or Windows 2000 domain controller to a global catalog server. Discusses possible causes of global catalog promotion failure and ways to resolve global catalog promotion failure.
    This articles describes errors that can occur during propagation and how to resolve these errors. Error Insufficient disk space on the destination portal server to copy the catalog Symptom Propagation is not successful if there is insufficient...
    When you try to remove one catalog from the Catalog Search, you receive exception error messages. When the following line is modified to remove Catalogue B the following error is logged in the application event log:
    Fixes a problem where an IBM DB2 administrator may be unable to execute DDL commands against a DB2 system catalog when an application is querying DB2 tables. This problem only occurs when an application is executing a SELECT statement.
    When a user database that has full-text search catalogs is marked suspect and is then restored from a backup using the WITH REPLACE option, the full-text catalog may be lost. The full-text catalog will have to be rebuilt.
    Fix an issue in which the base catalog incremental import operation overwrites the product rank to 0 if no rank is specified in the catalog xml file in Commerce Server 2007.
    Describes how to modify the Download.ini file to obtain localized versions of the catalog file for the Security Update Inventory Tool in both SMS 2.0 and SMS 2003.
    Describes an issue that occurs because the temporary file that is associated with the catalog was not deleted when the catalog was last used. Provides a workaround.
    Contains the source code in Visual Basic .NET for the Commerce Server 2002 SDK ASP.NET-based Catalog Sitelet. The source code was previously only available in Visual C#.
    In the Application log of the Event Viewer, events 4124 and/or 4126 may occur. The errors in the Event Viewer report that the catalog is corrupt. In the MMC snap-in for Index Server, the statistics for a certain catalog may contain a value of n/a...

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