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    Describes the features and improvements in Windows Search 4.0. Provides download information.
    Describes a problem in which you cannot search for television content after you finish the "Set up TV" process on Windows Vista-based computers that have the Windows Media Center TV Pack installed. Resolutions are provided.
    Describes the features and improvements in Windows Desktop Search (WDS) 3.0. Provides download information.
    Describes the May 30, 2006 hotfix rollup package for Windows Desktop Search version 02.06.5000.5378.
    Describes an issue in Windows XP in which you receive an sharing violation error message when you access a file on a network share that is indexed by using Windows Desktop Search 2.6.5.
    Describes the availability of the Lotus Notes Protocol Handler Add-in for Microsoft Windows Desktop Search.
    Describes the Multilingual User Interface Pack (MUI) for Microsoft Windows Desktop Search (WDS) version 2.6. Includes download information.
    Discusses the Windows Desktop Search add-in for UNC/FAT. This add-in lets you index shared network directories and shared FAT drives. The add-in also lets you easily search the contents of specific shared network directories and FAT drives.
    Contains a URL for an updated version of the Windows Desktop Search Add-in for Lotus Notes.
    Describes why the Address toolbar is no longer visible on the taskbar after you upgrade to Windows XP SP3. A workaround for this missing functionality is provided.
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