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    This update for MED-V 2.0 provides the capability for localized content to be presented in both the MED-V Workspace Packager and the MED-V Host Agent. The MED-V Workspace Packager is available in 11 different languages and the MED-V Host Agent is...
    The following error may occur on a Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V) V1 computer when attempting to upload a packed image to an image distribution server: Operation failed. See error details link for more information When the Error...
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    When installing the MED-V workspace on a Windows 7, MED-V workspace setup fails with a fatal error.
    This article describes how to use the Process Monitor tool (ProcMon.exe) to generate a log file for an application in the Microsoft MED-V virtual environment. The log file provides information about the files and about the registry keys that an...
    When First Time Setup of MED-V Fails with message “The Initial configuration of MED-V workspace was not successful.”
    Candidates for this exam typically have more than one year of experience working in Windows Server 2008 environments as either Server Administrators, or Enterprise Administrators. Additionally, the target audience is familiar with all Microsoft virtualization products and technologies.
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