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    This article describes how to restore the default Internet Explorer desktop wallpaper.
    When you install Internet Explorer for Windows 95, it is not automatically configured as the default browser. When you run Internet Explorer after installing it, the following message may be displayed: Internet Explorer is not currently your default...
    Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) defines a default publication document in the IIS Server Manager under the Directories tab. This document is defined as Default.htm on an initial installation of IIS. This default publication document is...
    Describes how to import and export the Windows Internet Explorer Favorites folder from a 16-bit version of Microsoft Windows to a 32-bit version of Microsoft Windows.
    Describes issue where a yellow warning triangle appears in the lower-left corner of the Internet Explorer window when you try to open a Type A account view. A Microsoft Forecaster service pack is available.
    Discusses a problem where a pop-up window closes unexpectedly during a download in Internet Explorer 6. This problem occurs after you install Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 or you install Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1.
    Windows Internet Explorer 8 contains several important connectivity enhancements that can improve both the performance and functionality of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) and other Web applications.
    This article provides general information about how to register the default Web browser and then how to start the default Web browser with the application programming interface (API). It also provides details on how causes Microsoft Internet Explorer...
    You can use the Windows API to start the default Internet browser on your system. To do so, you must first determine what Internet browser is registered as the default on your system, and then start that application. The following Visual Basic...
    If you apply an Internet Explorer Maintenance Group Policy object (GPO), some values in the Internet settings registry key may be deleted, even if the connection settings section of the GPO is set to . Because of this, you may be unable to set the...

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