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    Describes Windows Virtual PC for Windows 7 and provides the download link.
    You cannot start Windows XP Mode or other virtual machines in Windows Virtual PC if hardware-assisted virtualization is unsupported or disabled in Windows 7.
    Fixes an issue in which a Windows Server 2012-based computer that uses a network adapter team hangs when it is shut down. This issue occurs after you remove a virtual switch from the computer.
    This article describes how to install Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 1a (SP1a) on a computer that is running Virtual PC for Mac or Virtual PC for Windows.
    Describes an issue in which you cannot export a virtual machine on a Windows Server 2008-based computer that uses Hyper-V if the hard disk configuration settings or network adapter configuration settings are incorrect. Provides a resolution.
    Resolves an issue in which you are prompted to specify the location of the Usbhub.sys system file. This issue occurs after you move a Windows XP virtual machine from Virtual PC 2007 to Windows Virtual PC on a computer that is running Windows 7.
    This article describes how Connectix Virtual PC for Windows uses split disk images.
    When you try to run Virtual PC for Windows version 5.0 or later on a computer that uses a Transmeta Crusoe microprocessor or an Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) K6 CPU, you cannot do so. The Virtual PC program does not start.
    When you start the Microsoft Windows XP guest operating system for the first time after you upgrade Microsoft Virtual PC on your physical computer, you may be prompted to activate the Windows XP guest operating system even though it was previously...
    This step-by-step article describes how to create a floppy disk image in Virtual PC, versions 4.0 to 5.2. You can use floppy disk images as if they are physical 3.5-inch disks in 3.5-inch disk drives. In some Windows programs, you must insert a 3.5-inch...

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